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Sparkling wine bottle plus birthday plate 【Birthday plan】 7 items: 4000 yen (tax included)

Sparkling wine bottle plus birthday plate 【Birthday plan】 7 items: 4000 yen (tax included)

4000 yen

(tax included)

  • 7items
  • 2-45persons

It is a plan with lighting and music perfect for birthdays and anniversaries of important people ★ It is a plan with surprise ★ Alcohol or non alcohol sparkling wine gift ■ This course is very popular "Super carbonated high ball" at this course + 1500 yen (tax included) Of course, alcohol, non-alcohol all-you-can-drink all-you-can-drink all-you-can ■ All course with non alcoholic alcoholic beverages including non alcoholic cocktails at this course + 1200 yen (tax included)

Course menu


Spend time with two people, lively and lively. .

It is the perfect otoku anniversary plan for the birthday and anniversary of the important one.

■ Sparkling wine bottle gift ♪ ※ You can choose alcohol or non alcohol with sparkling wine ※.

■ Dessert plate gift with message ♪

■ + 1500 yen (tax included) Our most popular "super carbonated highball", as well as alcohol, non alcohol Alcohol 70 hours 2 hours all-you-can-drink

■ All non alcoholic beverages including non alcoholic cocktails for 2 hours at + 1200 yen (tax included)

■ Please tell us anything you can drink on the day, or when making a reservation.

【Course cooking content 7 items】

□ Fresh salad

□ Salmon and red core radish carpaccio

□ Cheese tofu

□ Highest Gold Award Chicken Namba

□ Steak with matured cow brewing cold

□ Varna cauda of field vegetables

□ Peperoncino

+ Waffle plate with message, sparkling bottle

★ + 1500 yen (tax included) for 2 hours all-you-can-drink

All you can drink non alcohol + 1200 yen (tax included)


※ Please check in advance before booking! ※

☆ Cooking content and budget not on net and advertising medium

Please contact us!

We will correspond as much as we can ♪

· The last order of all-you-can-drink is 10 minutes before.

· The content of the dish may vary depending on the season and the purchasing condition of the ingredients.

· Please reserve your reservation 3 days in advance.

· The number of reserved guests / hours will be changed by the day before.In the case of that day we have received cooking fee × number of canceled persons.

· When reserving course meal, the seat will be 2 hours 30 minutes.


Reservation deadline
Until 22 o'clock the day prior to the desired shop visit date
Available days for reservation
Tuesday, Sunday, Public Holiday, Holidays

2019/01/20 update