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Available for a maximum of 35 people 【Wedding Secondary Course】 ※ 2 hour drinks available at any time ※ There is a charter privilege! 3800 yen ~ (tax included)

Available for a maximum of 35 people 【Wedding Secondary Course】 ※ 2 hour drinks available at any time ※ There is a charter privilege! 3800 yen ~ (tax included)

3800 yen

(tax included)

  • 6items
  • 10-50persons
  • All-you-can-drink available
    All you can drink in Isuu ♪ enjoy non-alcohol ♪ popular [super carbonate] High Bowl, soup or draft beer mugs, wine, sake, cocktails Of course all non-alcoholic fulfilling all-you-can-drink!

In our fashionable partner and fashionable store inside a fashionable store Our bargain party is very popular ■ Bridal cake present for two of the bride and groom as a privilege for rent ■ Large projector projected on the wall ■ This course is very popular in our shop "Super carbonic acid high ball Of course, alcohol, non-alcohol All 70 types 2 hours free all-you-can-drink

Course menu

Offering light dishes that are easy to eat unique to the second party.

The contents can be changed according to your budget request.

Please contact us by phone first

☆ Cooking content and budget not on net and advertising medium

Please contact us!

We will correspond as much as we can ♪


※ Please check in advance before booking! ※

· The last order of all-you-can-drink is 10 minutes before.

· The content of the dish may vary depending on the season and the purchasing condition of the ingredients.

· When reserving course meal, the seat will be 2 hours 30 minutes.

· Please reserve your reservation 3 days in advance.

· Cancellation on the day, we will only accept cooking price for convenience of stocking and stocking.


☆ Birthday celebrations and anniversary surprises are welcome! ☆

If you wish, please tell us in advance when you make a reservation!

All-you-can-drink menu

· Super carbonic acid highball
· Angle high ball, beam high ball, beam ginger, beam high ball
·draft beer
· Suntory Premium Malts
· Via cocktail
· Shandiger, Red Eye, Mint Via, Cassisvia
· Super carbonate sour
· Lemon Sour, Lime Sour, Honey Yuzu Sour, Lyche Sour Blue Apple Sour, Big Peak Sour, Sequercer Sour
· Shochu high
· Water splitting, hot water splitting, grapefruit high, Calpis high oolong high, green tea high
· Glass of Wine (Italy) Red · White Decanter Wine (Italy) Red · White
· Cassis type, Deta type, Peach type, Gin type, Vodka type, Tinzano type etc. several kinds
·Non-alcoholic cocktails
· Cassis type, peach type, fruit mix type, some kind of refreshing type etc.
·Soft drink
· Coke, ginger ale, tonic water, oolong tea, ayataka, calpis, calpisoda, orange juice grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, tomato juice, iced coffee, iced tea
· Hot Oolong, Drip Hot Coffee (Casablanca Farm), Tea
Reservation deadline
Three days before the desired store date until 17 o'clock
Available days for reservation
Tuesday, Sunday, Public Holiday, Holidays

2019/01/20 update